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Trefor Pier

Easy diving with spectacular sea life.


wpe3.jpg (8065 bytes)This really is a lovely dive, even though the surface area is relatively small, there is lots to see and it's not hard to spend a hour here, just meandering under the pier.

I have dived this area a few times now and generally it has been excellent. Maximum depth is about 7m.


There are times however when the vis is bad and you do have to watch the currents if you venture outside of the pier. There are usually a few fishermen on the end of the pier so you have to be careful of the lines.


None really, plenty of  parking, some shops. If the weathers against you it is only about 10 minutes from Dorothea quarry.

The pier is at the end of this wall, to get to it you will have to swim (surface of otherwise) along this wall. There's lots to see and if you fancy venturing out tie a reel to one of the end pier supports and reel out to the reefs.

How to get there

  • Get onto the A487 southwards from Caernarfon. 
  • A few miles further on at Llanwnda take the A449 towards Aberdesach. 
  • Follow the road through Aberdesach and through Gyrn Goch. 
  • Then look out for the signs for Trefor and head for Beach Road and the sea front. [Map]





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