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Stoney Cove

Probably the best established inland dive site.

Sapcoat Rd, Stoney Stanton,
Leicester LE9 4DW.
Tel: 01455 273089 (shop) or
 01455 274198 (The Cove public house)



One of the best known diving places in the UK. Stoney Cove boasts all the amenities you could ever want including heated changing rooms. It seems to be one of the busiest diving sites in the UK. 

Timings and Cost

Please note they now operate a registration scheme which costs £15.00 for two years.


Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 08:30am - 16:00pm
Sat-Sun 07:30am - 3:00pm
Night Dives - 18.30 - 21.00
(1st and 3rd Wednesday every month)

Costs:  £8.00 per day (registered)
 £12.00 per day (unregistered)



In the 1700s locals began to gather stone for use as a building material from an area known as Mill Hill. During the early part of the century the granite stone was quarried commercially/. In 1958 work stopped and the quarry filled with natural spring water.It has an area of water covering approximately 12.5 acres with terraced depths of 6m, 20m, and 35m.  Stoney Cove has now matured into an excellent place to dive, complete with an assortment of fish and other wildlife There are a number of underwater attractions, the latest being the wreck of the Stanegarth, a steam powered tug boat. 18.7m long and 71 tons lying in 20m of water.


The services include:

  • Air to 300Bar
  • PADI diver training - All levels
  • The "Cove" Public House
  • Diving shop
  • Technical Services
  • Toilets & heated changing rooms
  • Decompression chamber
  • Ample parking

The "well stocked" and friendly Dive Shop with David in the foreground.


How to get there:

  • M1 junction 21 turn onto M69. 
  • Follow M69 to junction 2.
  • Turn left at junction 2 onto the B4069 to Sapcote.
  • About 1 mile down that road turn left to Stoney Stanton and follow road to T junction.
  • Turn right along Stanton Road and then right again.
  • The Stoney Cove old entrance is about 200 Yards on your right. Follow the road a bit further and the new entrance is on the left. [Map].




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